Tuesday, 31 January 2012

This blog

At the heart of this blog will be the memories of people who were part of the Secondary Modern School experience: pupils, teachers, parents, school-workers and any politicians and local authority officials responsible for the Sec Mods.

The blog is being run by Emma-Louise Williams and Michael Rosen.

The aim is to collect and collate a history that has never been written.

People wishing to contribute can of course write what they want but for your convenience, we offer some questions you may like to consider.:

1. What was the last year at primary school like - in particular studying for the 11-plus exam?

2. How did you hear that you had not passed the 11-plus? What did that feel like? How were you treated?

3. What were your first impressions of  your secondary school?

4. What stories do you tell about your time at the school?

5. What expectations do you think the school had of  you? How was that made clear to you?

6. What qualifications did you leave with?

7. Did you enjoy your time at secondary school?

Please note: in order to protect all concerned, we will disguise the name of your school and please use a pseudonym as your name.